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About Us

Divya Astrological consultancy is a registered firm. Dr. Mirtunjay Mishra is one of the well known names in the field of Astrology and allied science.

With more than 20 years of valuable experience, he is successfully dealing in the arenas of Astrology,Vaastu Shastra, Numerology and Gemology. Dr. Mishra is specializes in love, astro legal, marital and astro medical predictions.

He mingles latest technological advancements with traditional wisdom and offers genuine solutions to clients across the nation

Educational & Work Qualification
Dr. Mishra has achieved expeditious qualifications from some of the well-known institutes of India. He has the degree of MA (Jyotish Achara), Banaras University.  He has also been awarded prizes by  various organisation due to their Acihevement in astrology. Besides this, Dr.Mishra  has been closely associated with various renowned institutions of the country and overseas.

Traveling experience
Dr. Mishra has traveled more than 50 countries and has been to every state of the India for his work.

Scientific Approach
Dr. Mishra core strength is scientific and logical explanations of the astrological problems, vaastu factors and related problems.

 He uses most advanced tools and equipment such as Aura Scanning, Digital Compass, Bio Feedback Meter, Pendulum Dowser and Lecher Antenna.