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Dosh Nivaran

This happens when there are all planets coming between rahu and ketu . this results in failure and dejection.bacause all the karyas don’t happen accordingly  to the efforts put in.often leading to negativity,and inferiority complex.  This vidhi done by Tantrik procedure is very effective although very simple.  There is a special pooja to be done which can be done at our place.or you can  get this pooja done at your place ,we are open for help regarding the pooja.

Why should you go for this Puja/Homam?
1 when all your work comes to a standstill and fruitless struggles indicated.
2 when you are failing in business .
3 enemies are the prime reason for your loss in business, and obstacles in life.
4 when you are not getting the worth of efforts put in .
5 when you have allergyproblems, itching ,white /black dots on skin problems.

Then you should go for this process of rectification, via specially trained Vedik pundits for this pooja/homam. The Puja will include Mantra Japa for Kalsarpa Dosha, donation of a pair of snake (made in Silver) and a havan in the end.